Aesthetic Medicine & Wellness

Wellness is the key to prevention, which is vital for lowering the chronic disease burden in Mexico and improving the general health of the population. Improving healthy eating habits can make an enormous difference to health and to the amount spent on health matters. This is nowhere more relevant than Mexico, which holds one of the top spots worldwide for both adult and child overweight and obesity. The 2016 ENSANUT report shows that Mexicans are not only overweight but they are unaware of it and do not know correct alimentation or exercise requirements. With Mexican nutrition being largely insufficient, companies are capitalizing on this opportunity to provide vitamin supplements or complements to the market. With the trend of eating healthy comes the trend of avoiding chemical medicine, leading to a resurgence in natural remedies or herbal medicine. Although COFEPRIS has cracked down on these sectors in recent years to guarantee the safety of patients, it is now emerging as a viable alternative for public institutions with budgets bursting at the seams. People are also increasingly turning to dermatological and surgical solutions to meet their aesthetic needs.

This chapter will provide insight into the national wellness market and how it is looking to develop. It will feature companies devoted to improving nutrition, innovative skin care products and fitness alternatives that best meet Mexican needs.