Biotech & Bioelectronics

Imagine that after losing a limb, a patient is fitted with a prosthetic that can be moved at will. This is the magic that bioelectronics are bringing to the world. The future of health is now and the main challenge these companies will face is making their advanced technology available to the wider public. These advanced prosthetics will perform wonders but will be proportionally expensive and it is unlikely that public institutions will provide them to patients, especially in light of budget cuts. As new disease trends emerge, new vaccines also are needed. A dengue fever vaccine was released in Mexico in September 2016 and many companies are working on zika vaccines. However, the dengue vaccine is only available privately, so those wishing to receive the jab will need to pay out of pocket. Getting the vaccine into the public healthcare system could take years. Another area explored in this chapter is stem cell procedures. Although they are still subject to case-by- case approval in Mexico, research is ongoing and is led by private companies who extract and store the cells for patients as a way of funding their R&D. Mexico is considered a regional hub for stem cell research as it is subject to less stricter regulations than its northern neighbor.

This chapter will feature interviews from these cutting-edge companies and will feature technology spotlights that highlight their state of the art innovations.