Clinical Research & Testing

For years, many have spoken of Mexico’s clinical research industry as a boom waiting to happen. The country has an ideal geography, ethnical diversity and the sanitary installations but it still only accounts for an insignificant proportion of the number of clinical trials carried out worldwide, at just over 1 percent, according to Its northern neighbor has a hefty 42 percent of global trials, despite the US being more costly. According to ProMéxico, conducting clinical trials in Mexico is 46.2 percent cheaper than in the US. Most of the testing performed here is retesting, as required by local sanitary regulations. Authorized third parties have helped enormously in this area, speeding up processes and efficiency. According to a COFEPRIS 2014 press release, authorized third parties had reduced authorization wait times from an average of two years to 20 business days.

Clinical research is vital worldwide for drug companies, regulatory bodies and consumers alike. Mexico has all the attributes to become a hub for research in the Americas. This chapter will present interviews with the labs and contract research organizations that undertake the research and will examine the obstacles and opportunities for Mexico to attract more investment in this area.