Big Data & Health Apps

Technology has always been developed with the objective of making lives easier and better lived. This has specific potential in healthcare, in which technology has become an opportunity to save lives and optimize patient comfort. The need to become more efficient in patient care and to manage the large amount of data generated has made the adoption of technology necessary to automate processes and highly standardized and repetitive tasks. Recording patient data has become a priority in itself to guarantee the existence of a broad database to offer the best treatment and follow-up for patients, but this also represents a security challenge. The digital world has been rocked by several high-profile international breaches and healthcare institutions and companies must ensure the confidentiality and protection of the data they collect to earn patient trust. The effectiveness of Big Data is a result of its veracity, velocity, variety and volume. This information will help guide doctors and policymakers on the efficiency of medicine and research, among other trends. It also aids in the detection of a healthcare epidemic, such as the recent declared diabetes health emergency or the influenza epidemic in early 2016.

This chapter will give an overview of the companies that deal in Big Data and digital applications for smartphones that have a health focus. In addition, those designing wearable health technology will shed light on the impact they have had on the Mexican market and mindset.