Medical Devices

Mexico has great potential for medical devices manufacturing. Baja California has become a cluster for many international brands attracted to the quality human capital and low operating costs in a strategic location. According to Global Health Intelligence, more than 4,000 people are employed in this manufacturing hub. Technological development is driven by the aging population and the widespread prevalence of age-related conditions such as hearing problems, mobility issues, cardiovascular and CNS conditions. Another driver is the burden of chronic diseases that suggest the development of devices that aid people with cancer, diabetes and lung diseases. Innovation has mostly focused on facilitating treatment and early diagnosis, which is key to improving quality of life and the rate of successful outcomes.

Medical devices come in all shapes and sizes and this chapter will provide an overview of devices big and small. From the production of MRI machines to surgical equipment, from wound care to pregnancy tests and heart valves to knee replacements, all will be discussed in this section of Mexico Health Review 2017. It will showcase interviews from the companies that make these devices and will focus on their role in the Mexican healthcare system and the regulatory challenges they face.