Big Pharma

Besides better services, patients also require access to new innovative medicines, which in Mexico can take years. Due to increasingly constrained public sector budgets, purchasing expensive, innovative or new medicines is gradually slowing. As a result, Big Pharma companies have been turning ever more to the private sector for sales and growth, contrary to most generics manufacturers, as seen in Chapter 4: Generics & Biosimilars. On the other hand, many Big Pharma companies have also been impacted by world events such as the election of US President Donald Trump, the peso’s depreciation and worldwide economic and political uncertainty. Caution has become the rule of thumb for many companies.

This chapter will provide an overview of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Mexico, focusing on the economic challenges they face and how to overcome those, how they are ensuring patients have access to their products, their recently released drugs and the medicines they have in the pipeline. Interviews held with the CEOs and Directors General of the sector’s biggest players reveal how important Mexico is to their Latin American strategy and globally. Insightful Q&As, informative articles and original analyses bring this key segment into focus.