Healthcare System

The greatest challenge of 2016/2017 for the healthcare system is granting access to improved services to a larger percentage of the population. That task falls on the shoulders of the related public institutions, such as the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and the Seguro Popular. Less than half of the Mexican population has access to public healthcare and facilities, with 62.5 percent of the national workforce informally employed, according to El Economista in an October 2016 report. INEGI figures show that only 62.2 million people, or about 48 percent, had access to IMSS services as of July 2016. Despite government efforts, this figure represents only a 33.3 percent increase since 2006.

This chapter will offer an overview of the country’s healthcare systems both public and private. Alongside the main social institutions and hospitals in Mexico, it will feature interviews from regional health ministries and it will cover the system’s advantages and flaws as well as the obstacles to overcome. This section will also review how the public and private sectors can work hand in hand to improve access to healthcare, notably through public-private partnerships. Investment in the Mexican healthcare system and its promotion abroad, including infrastructure projects such as new, innovative health facilities, will also be in focus.