Doing Business in Mexico

As an attractive market that offers access to North, Central and South America, the foreign interest in Mexico is sizeable. Many are making Mexico their strategic center of Latin American operations and they are settling in the local market with the help of consultancies. They face challenges such as the changes in COFEPRIS regulation, the security environment and navigating the fragmented healthcare system. But there are advantages to being located here. COFEPRIS is recognized by an increasing number of Central and South American countries and exporting to those countries is a tempting bonus. By manufacturing generic pharmaceuticals in the country, companies gain a more advantageous position in government tenders.

Mexico has a diverse and growing population, a strategic location and numerous trade agreements that make it ideal for doing business in the health sector. It has become a destination for manufacturers and research facilities, which allow legal advisers and consultants to become guides for foreign investors interested in expanding in the area. This chapter is dedicated to those companies that are opening the market to new opportunities and clearing the path for entrepreneurs. It offers valuable insight into doing business in Mexico through interviews, analyses and expert opinions on the healthcare industry.