Attracting & Retaining Talent

Traditionally, Mexican medical professionals have been part of the general brain drain to the US and to a lesser extent, Europe. Many insiders beg to differ. They argue that although professionals may choose to train abroad, they often return to their homeland with a variety of additional skills – a plus for the country. A bigger issue for Mexico may be that it is training too many general doctors, around 40,000 per year. It has the capacity to offer specializations to less than a quarter of those, creating potential opportunities for foreign professionals. Mexican universities are addressing the issue by further improving the training they offer students and are imparting additional competences requested by recruiters, such as business or communications skills. In the modern world, learning is never complete and some institutions are going online to offer additional courses to medical professionals.

This chapter will feature analyses on the Mexican job market, gender equality and insightful interviews with the country’s top universities and recruiters, enabling readers to explore the strategies employed to keep talent at home while also attracting foreign talent.