Environmental factors play an important role in human health. Many humans consume animals or animal products, and have prolonged contact with them as many choose to keep pets or raise animals. To avoid the passing of infection, it is important that animals remain in good health, something recognized by the health industry. Many Big Pharma and generics companies also manufacture medicine for the agro-industrial sector, aquiculture and domestic animals. A major concern in animal health is the number of antibiotics that pass into the human system through meat consumption. Human antibiotics are heavily regulated and cannot be obtained without a valid prescription but animals are still stuffed with meds to prevent infections and loss of inventory. The excessive consumption of antibiotics is dangerous and the body develops a tolerance to them. This leads to so-called superbugs causing needless deaths.

This chapter highlights the biggest issues in animal health and the role pharmaceutics are playing in their wellbeing as well as opportunities for improvement in areas such as food technology. It will outline improvements in veterinary research and how this might impact human health and it will focus on the topic of food security through animal care in the agro industry.