In a growing pharma and medical market such as Mexico, efficient logistics are vital for healthcare businesses. Companies are moving products and devices nationally and internationally while looking for the fastest and safest way to do it. In Mexico, the challenge of access to medicine is not only economical, it is also geographical. Some states are difficult to access due to rough terrain, long distances or security concerns. Many companies have also commented on the rise of the black market in Mexico, which makes guaranteeing the authenticity and chain of custody of a product all the more vital. The greatest challenge for Mexican logistics and components providers is thus ensuring the supply chain in this expansive and sometimes dangerous environment.

This chapter explores the strategies of logistics companies for dealing with and preventing these security problems, in addition to the high-tech innovations they have implemented in their fleets. While some are implementing apps and designing temperature controlled trucks, others are working on electromagnetic locks to prevent merchandise theft and putting systems in place to chase down thieves.