Year in Review

As public institutions face shrinking budgets, they are struggling to cover a larger number of patients who are increasingly suffering from preventable disorders such as type 2 diabetes (T2D), obesity and diseases such as cardiac insufficiency that ensue from such conditions. These have also worsened due to poor lifestyle habits such as a lack of exercise, smoking and alcohol consumption. External factors are also worrying. The Mexican peso has dropped against many currencies, pushing up the cost of importing goods and parts. This has hit the bottom line of companies in all sectors of the industry. Many are so far reluctant to pass on those added expenses to consumers, but for how long? An uncertain security environment in Mexico and the persistent problem of access to healthcare for many add to the question marks surrounding the sector.

This chapter will provide an overall review of the healthcare industry, featuring insights from the most prominent and important figures in the sector. It will include interviews from pertinent health and industry associations, government institutions and health-related NGOs while discussing the state of the Mexican health system, the changes in regulation that occurred over the year, the progress made and the challenges to come.